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Peter Curman, photo portrait
Poet of hope

"Poetry is the language of your inner thoughts and your beating heart. It tries to convince before you know it yourself. Poetry is the inner voice in us and a poet somebody that can listen to it and express that voice in a way that we all recognize. That is how we can say that this is true and that is false."

Peter Curman | Swedish poet, journalist and writer wellknown to many as a great defender of human rights and democracy.

What a poet can do

What can a lonely poet do against the war?
My answer is: a lot!
Poems are not bullets that kill
Poems are bullets of life
When a poet shoots at you
He widens your mind
A poem can suddenly highlight
What has been hidden in darkness
We all wear secret worlds inside ourselves
A poem may change your life
And make your heart beat faster


Poets all over the world – shoot!
Let your bullets of peace kill the war!
Your words shall disarm the armies!

Istanbul, 27 January 2003

 Peter Curman, Fatburstrappan 18, 118 26 Stockholm, Sweden
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